A&A Hearing Group is now called LIVE BETTER HEARING

A&A Hearing Group is now called
Live Better Hearing!

In January 2017 A&A Hearing Group changed its name to Live Better Hearing. We are still the same family owned and operated company and still have the same wonderful staff that has always provided you with the exceptional care you deserve. We decided to make this change after carefully considering what our core values are as a practice, as well as our personal and professional goals. The changing of our name does not change who we are or what we do- it reflects our mission to help people hear better and live better lives.

According to Dr. Ross Cushing, “It comes down to what we are trying to accomplish. We want to help people LIVE BETTER lives. That’s what we do. That’s why our practice exists. This name change is very meaningful for us because it helps us better communicate to our community – to the world – what we are trying to do, which is help each and every person live a better life.”

Dr. Jenifer Cushing adds, “We certainly did not take the decision to change our name lightly. With over 15,000 patients, we realized they may be wondering…’where did A&A go?’ A&A Hearing Group has a very good reputation in our communities and with fellow referring physicians. We are working hard to make sure that everyone is notified via mail, email, our website, advertisements, or any other literature to ensure that you know we are the same practice, with the same owners, communicating our same mission – Help people hear better and live better.”

LIVE BETTER HEARING is humbled by having the opportunity to give others the chance to live a better life, through better hearing! It is truly our passion and why we love what we do each and every day. We thank you for allowing us to help you in your journey to better hearing!

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