Dr. Emily Martinson, AuD, PhD

One major roadblock for pursuing hearing aids for many people is visibility.  Even people who know full well that they have a treatable hearing loss can feel self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid that others can see.  Ironically, for many people the fact that they are asking others to repeat is much more noticeable than a hearing aid!

One popular choice for people who want to limit visibility is an invisible in the canal (IIC) style hearing aid.  These hearing aids fit deep in the ear canal, far enough that they cannot be seen.  Often the only visible part of the hearing aid is a small plastic wire used to get it out.  These hearing aids are taken out every night, and the batteries are changed about once every 4 days. Another option for invisibility is a hearing aid called Lyric.

Lyric is similar to IIC hearing aids in that it sits very deep in the ear canal where is cannot be seen.  The main difference between IIC hearing aids and Lyric, however, is that Lyric is not removed by the patient.  The patient comes to the office and the audiologist or hearing care provider removes the old Lyric and puts in a new one every 2-3 months. Make sure to check with your audiologist or hearing care provider about what is best for your hearing loss and lifestyle.

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