Dr. Emily Martinson, Au.D., Ph.D.

With summertime comes bonfires, weekend beach trips, and sometimes summer storms.  While storms can be fun to watch (from inside of course), rain can potentially impact your hearing aids.  Moisture from sweat, earwax, and even rain can get into your hearing aids and possibly decrease the sound quality. Most modern hearing aids come with a protective coating to reduce water damage, but are still not waterproof.

Make sure to take your hearing aids out before showering or swimming because of this.  Rain, however, is often unavoidable. When wearing your hearing aids in the rain, often a hat or raincoat with a hood is all you need to protect them.  Wearing a rain hat has two benefits: first it will protect your hearing aids from water, and second it will make you look like an old timey sea captain (always a plus!). You can also use an umbrella to cover your head to keep water out of your hearing aids in the rain.  Lastly, make sure to use a drying jar or electric dryer when you get inside to soak up any water the hearing aids came into contact with.

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