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Live Better Foundation Day This Weekend

Dr. Emily Martinson, AuD, PhD I hope that everyone had a great weekend, and happy Mother’s Day to all the moms! Hearing family and friends on special days is so important, which is why Live Better Foundation will be partnering with Starkey’s HearNow program this...

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Live Better Foundation Day

Emily Martinson, AuD, PhD Hearing family, friends, and loved ones is one of the most valuable gifts a person can have.  For many people, however, access to hearing healthcare is tricky, and sometimes impossible.  Particularly for people without health insurance,...

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What is feedback in hearing aids?

Some of the negative stigma surrounding hearing aids and their use is based on the fact that hearing aids were once bulky items that would squeal or squeak in the wearer’s ears. This squeaking or whistling is known as feedback Fortunately, today’s technology is much...

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Science Series Part 9: The Ossicles

Emily Martinson, AuD, PhD Just when you least expect it, the Science Series is back!  If you recall previous Science Series posts, we have been working our way through the human ear one step at a time.  So far, we’ve covered the outer ear, ear canal, and eardrum.  Our...

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Hearing Loss and TV Shows

Emily Martinson, AuD, PhD In today’s world of cable TV, Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services, the options for TV watching are almost endless.  If you wanted to, and really had no life, you could watch TV 24 hours a day and never see the same thing twice. For...

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Hearing Loss – Facts vs Fiction

Hearing and sight are arguably our two most important senses. Yet, if and when either starts to fail us (and both usually do as we age), we react to each quite differently. Look around at all the people with glasses, contacts, Lasik surgery or just cheaters, and it’s...

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How to Use the Car Memory in TruLink

One of the most difficult hearing situations is when you’re in a car, whether you are driving or not. The loud roaring of highway traffic and rough concrete of the street below make for a noisy environment where speech can easily get drowned out. In NuEar’s Made for...

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